Coronavirus (Covid-19) UPDATE - August 2020:  We are delighted to announce that we are back!  Back to offering Mollii Suit assessments albeit in a more limited way to be in line with current Covid-19 guidelines.  We are also here to support anyone with or considering using a Mollii Suit.  Please contact us on 01730 269000 or email us on . 

A Breakthrough for Relieving Muscle Tone and Movement Disorders from the Inside. 

Reduce Spasticity, Muscle Rigidity, Hypertonia and other excess muscle tone.

And help activation for Muscle Weakness, Inactivity and Hypotonia.

Combine these to alleviate Dystonia, Dyskinesia, Athetoid movement, Ataxia and helping control and initiation of voluntary movement.

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See the 2017 review on Mollii by NICE here

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The Mollii Suit helps improve movement and muscle control rapidly in people with spasticity, motor and movement disorders or abnormal muscle tone.  Using well-understood mild electro-stimulation in a uniquely effective way, Mollii is a significant new choice for the whole body.

Mollii is for adults and children with neurological conditions such as cerebral palsy, stroke, multiple sclerosis, brain injury and spinal cord injury and is set-up for each user's needs individually.

The Mollii Suit is comfortable to use and you only wear it for an hour every other day usually.  It is an assistive medical device for regular use in the home or clinic, has no negative side-effects and can be used together with other therapies.


Try Mollii - call us on 01730 269 000 or email us below.   

NEWS: SEE US AT NAIDEX 2021, Yes, 2021. - New dates - 9th and 10th March 2021 at the Birmingham NEC.

Mollii Suits are available to hire!

To try out Mollii for a bit longer after an assessment, hire a Suit for a month or more (max 3 months).

Call or email us for further details.  A hire charge and security deposit apply.

Mollii is created and produced by Inerventions AB, Sweden and distributed in the UK by Remotion Ltd. Trademarks used with permission.

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