About Us

We’re people who love to try to help those less able, who see what brilliant medical technology is out there and can do. The Mollii Suit is one of the most brilliant examples and our experience across a few decades in medical technology in the UK, Europe and elsewhere enables us to introduce it here to the many people who can benefit.

We understand how important it is to ensure a product and service is suitable for the user and those caring for him or her. We have seen this countless times and that’s another reason we love Mollii. Every user has to be individually assessed with a Mollii Suit to ensure they benefit; we will both see what it does almost immediately and not be left guessing, hoping for weeks or months.  If it doesn’t do enough for you in the test, it’s pretty clear but we are confident it will for suitable candidates.

We also know how paying for medical equipment can be tough. Whether its funded or bought privately, we’ve seen so many variations across the UK and elsewhere that we aren’t shy of just talking to see how to solve it with you.

We are a small, friendly and knowledgeable UK company, working closely with the supplier of the Mollii Suit from Sweden and committed to supporting Mollii users and the people looking after them.  We look forward to getting to know you and helping you to get to know Mollii.

Try Mollii - call us on 01730 269 000 or contact us below.

What is Mollii?