We offer a no-obligation assessment of Mollii for suitable candidates either via one of our clinical partner centres or at your centre/clinic.  Email or call us to arrange an appointment .

Each Mollii Suit needs to be set-up for a user during an initial assessment and individually programmed by our Mollii specialist.  This shows us quickly if the Suit can help you.

What Will Mollii Do?

There is almost no sensation when its on.  Some users may detect some slight tingling or fluttering in some muscles.  However, Mollii is still at work.

During the first hour’s session, clinicians will notice if the user’s body is responding and receiving a benefit.   Most do!   The user may notice it at the same time too.

This first session usually determines if the Mollii will be effective enough for the user.  It is as simple and quick as that.

The benefits of the first test use generally allow some immediate improvement in range of motion, muscle tone and possibly function too.  This can be increased with regular exercise or training and repeated use of the Mollii Suit.

What Happens After an Assessment?

A Mollii Suit can be bought privately or with funding help, following a successful assessment.   Click here for more details.

NEWS : Mollii Suits are now available to hire!

To try out Mollii for a bit longer after an assessment, hire a Suit for a month from us.  Extend your hire as you go too (max 3 months).

A hire charge and security deposit apply.

Call us on 01730 269 000 or email us here to arrange an assessment.

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