Video examples of Mollii Suit users: 

Liz with Multiple Sclerosis, after 4 months of using Mollii plus 

Thomas with a spinal injury describes what the Mollii Suit has done for him in 6 months plus 

Before-and-After First Use examples in 

a man following left and righ side strokes 5 years before, 

a man with spastic diplegic Cerebral Palsy and 

a young woman with a progressive neurological injury impeding movement.


Mollii for relieving the rigidity, gait and balance problems following left and right side strokes over 5 years previously.

Before and After videos of the first time using the Suit for one 60 minute session.

Mollii for an adult male with spastic diplegia (Cerebral Palsy) to improve gait, relieve adductor high tone etc and improve upper limb movement.  Second video shows the change in crawling ability having not developed this in childhood.

Before and After videos from initial assessment using the Suit for one 60 minute session.   He continues to use the Suit.


What is Mollii?

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