About Us

We are your dedicated source in the UK to get to know about, to try out and to obtain the Mollii Suit as well as to be supported when you use it.  Simple as that.

Since 2016 Remotion Ltd have been providing and arranging Mollii Suit assessments across the UK from our base in Hampshire and helping users and independent therapists with the all-important after-sales support too.

We know how the Suit can work wonderfully for many people and bring that experience to each person getting to know it.  We’ll also be straight with you if we feel it is less likely to be helpful.

Remotion Ltd hire and sell the Mollii Suit directly to customers and work collaboratively with other professional providers and clinics.

Our small team have many years of clinical and healthcare commercial experience including abroad, to make it all happen as easily and smoothly for you with the Mollii Suit.