Supporting you & FAQ

Before your assessment

We can answer any question you might have about your Mollii Suit assessment, from ‘What will it feel like’ to ‘What happens afterwards’ and, of course, ‘What’s the price to rent or buy a Suit?’ Just contact us here or call us on 01730 269000.

Renting a Mollii Suit

After your assessment we can help you arrange your Mollii Suit rental by the month or to extend an existing rental. Contact us here to request your Hire Agreement.

For Buying a Mollii Suit

After your assessment and maybe after a rental, we can arrange a swift delivery of your own Suit, programmed and ready for you with everything needed. Contact us to order a Suit here.

After Buying a Mollii Suit

We are here for you afterwards too.  For product check-ups, for reviews of your stimulation programme and even if you or your therapist just have a question about using your Suit.  Your first review of your stimulation programme is included in the purchase price. 

We offer a variety of reviews from a remote or face-to-face consultation to a full re-assessment, please call for details about our Mollii Support Programme.

Product Warranty

Your new purchased Mollii Suit comes with a manufacturer’s 2 year warranty.

Replacement Suits for Growing Children

When your child is growing out of his or her Suit we can help with choosing the next size of jacket and trousers to fit, remotely or in person.  Call us for details of our discounts too.


Please see the Clients and Professionals sections for details about Mollii and its uses.

What sizes of Mollii Suit are available?

Available in 24 sizes for children from size CL 104 (3 to 4 years) to ladies and men’s sizes up to around 115kg/18 stone. Children (CL): 104, 110, 116, 122, 128, 134, 140, 146, 152 Ladies: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL Mens: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL Unisex: Short XL. 

How easy is it to use the Mollii Suit?

It’s like wearing sports or cycling clothing with plenty of zips to make it easier to put on.  

Mollii is a medical assistive device that is designed to be used in the home environment. Just switch it on and relax for 60 minutes while the stimulation is working.  Many people can put the jacket and trousers on for themselves while some may need assistance. 

How often should the Mollii Suit be used?

Initially the Suit may be used every day for a couple of weeks to acclimatise the body.  After this it is usually used every second day, and preferably together with physiotherapy, training, activity or movement afterwards. The effects are individual and can last for 48 hours and possibly longer.  How and when to use the Suit will be discussed with you at your assessment.

How much is the Mollii Suit?

The Mollii Suit can be rented for £470 per month plus a returnable Security Deposit of £2,500.  All exc VAT – see below.

Call us for pricing to purchase a Mollii Suit and other details.

VAT – Will I have to pay it on my rental or purchase?

Not usually. Under current HMRC rules Mollii users with permanent or chronic disabilities are usually eligible for zero rating of the VAT for private or charity rentals and purchases.

What is included when I rent or buy a Suit?

It is supplied with everything you need: Jacket, trousers, control unit (with case) programmed for you, belt, laundry bags, premium rechargeable batteries and charger, user manual and Quick Guide to Wearing Mollii.

Mollii Suit safety – Important

Mollii is not to be used with electrical implanted devices or medical devices that are affected by magnets, such as shunts, pacemakers or others. 

Consult a doctor in the event of: uncontrolled epilepsy, bone fracture, malignancy (cancer), infectious disease, fever, pregnancy, rashes, skin problems, cardiovascular disease or other types of related conditions and if Mollii is used with other medical devices such as cochlear implants. The product must be used according to the user manual.  The Mollii Suit is registered in the EU (including UK), Australia and other countries as a medical device.

Washing instructions

The garment can be hand or machine washed at up to 40°C, using a delicate wash, without fabric softener. Wash regularly (at least once every other month) to keep the fabric and electrodes clean. The control unit must be disconnected from the suit before washing and can be wiped with a damp cloth. 

Wash the jacket and trousers separately in the two laundry bags supplied. Do not iron or tumble dry the garments.  Allow the garments to drip dry.

Handwash as often as needed. Minimise machine washing to once per month or less.  If the electrodes require further cleaning, wipe them with surgical spirit occasionally to remove residues.

Technical information

Power supply: 4 batteries (AAA).  Signal Voltage: 20 V Pulse width: 25-175 us Frequency: 20 Hz Pulse appearance: Square wave Channels: 40 Programmable Channels. 58 Electrodes. Material: Silicone rubber. Garment Fabric: Nylon 82 %, Spandex 18 %

Where does the Mollii Suit come from?

The Mollii Suit was first created in Sweden in 2009 by our supplier, ExoNeural Networks AB (formerly called Inerventions AB) and was developed with support from the Karolinska Institutet, the Kings Technical Institute and Stockholm Regional Council and other specialised technical institutes in Sweden.   From 2012 onwards it has been used nearly 20 countries including most of the EU, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East and beyond.