Other Conditions

The Mollii Suit is also used to help people with other diagnoses such as Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain and other conditions. 

Almost anyone with symptoms that Mollii usually helps can try a Suit at an individual assessment to reveal its benefits for them and continue this by hiring a Suit for a longer evaluation.

Studies and examples of other diagnoses

Using Mollii for Chronic Pain Relief in Fibromyalgia and other conditions– see the study of 200 adults here.

Idiopathic tremor


Kevin's Story


Thanks to Mollii, Kevin made a quick visit to his old workplace - for the first time in years - and puts a smile on Mollii Inventor, Fredrik Lundqvist’s face. Kevin has suffered from severe shaking attacks for five years due to Parkinsonism/Idiopathic tremor, with resulting disability and pain. It has made it impossible for Kevin to work and lead a normal life. An assessment at the end of November showed promising results and now Kevin finally has started using Mollii, with fantastic results. ”Now I can dream about coming back to work again” says Kevin. Inerventions is excited to follow Kevin on his path back to life. See the video of before and after Kevin tried Mollii’s stimulation.

Further clinical studies are on-going for using Mollii in these and other conditions. Contact us to discuss your needs for Mollii here.