Anders – 51

Cerebral Palsy and Chronic Pain

Anders can now go sledding with his children again. “The pain disappears with the Mollii suit”

Anders Karlsson, 51, had been living with muscle pain since birth, a pain that continued to increase over the years. To temporarily relieve the symptoms, he was forced to take warm baths and ‘eat’ painkillers – but since he tried the Mollii suit two years ago, his life has changed completely.

‘I have stopped with the medication and now I can go sledding with my children without being in pain for several days afterwards, he says.’

Anders Karlsson is 51 years old and lives in Örebro in central Sweden with his wife and children. He works at an assistance company and two years ago attended a trade show where Mollii was on display.
‘I was pretty sceptical but thought it could probably help many of the people we meet at work, so we organised an event together where we tested the suit.

The pain disappeared
He had no expectations the first time he put the suit on but describes what happened then as “magical”.
‘Imagine a slight breeze going through your body and cooling you down. This was how it felt after only a few minutes – then the pain disappeared and I became soft in my body. I was born with cerebral palsy and sit in a wheelchair 95 percent of the time, but after wearing the suit for an hour, I was able to put on my trousers without having to hold on to the wall and put on my socks without my body straining against my movements. I have not been able to do that for several years. When I got home, I forgot the pain pills when I picked up my daughter at preschool – because it was cold and rough, I just waited for the pain to come back, but it took two days. Then I tried the suit again and the pain disappeared again.

No need to worry about the pain

Today Anders Karlsson uses his Mollii suit twice a week and says that his life is different from before Mollii. He can pick up his daughter at school without having to plan for pain medication and he can be outside playing with the kids despite freezing temperatures, without worrying about the pain.

‘The suit can help so many people. I usually say that those who created it should receive the Nobel Prize. If more people are given the opportunity to use it, more people can reduce their medication. Sick leave can decrease, more can work and pay taxes. It benefits both the individual and society. We would probably profit from it in the long run’ he concludes.