L – 28

Spastic Quadriplegic CP with Dystonia

L is 28 year old woman with significant increased tone in her arms (flexion) and legs (extensor) and an extensor pattern in her trunk plus dystonia, poor posture, reduced range of movement, chronic pain, sleep apnoea, apical/shallow breathing and speech difficulties.  Her mobility is by wheelchair and she has carer support and regular physiotherapy.  She requires hoist transfer and support for sitting.  She works in a marketing and administration office-based job at the same time as studying a law degree.

After wearing the Suit at the assessment improvements were seen and measured in all ranges of movement, posture and alignment, eye movement, control of functional movement and reduction of compensatory movements.  Her breathing became deeper and allowed better postural stability and even her typing became easier and faster.  She later reported these benefits remained for up to 35 hours after her assessment.

She purchased a Mollii following the assessment and 1 year later at her review she reported the following since using her Suit regularly:

  • Continuing improvements in arm range of movement and functional abilities
  • She stopped taking Dantrolene for severe spasticity which had previously made her drowsy and have low mood
  • No winter chest infections which she usually suffered
  • Not needed her 3-monthly Botox injections in her arms to be able to use her powered wheelchair
  • Noticed she had clearer speech, easier and deeper breathing, no usual choking incidents and was clearer on the phone to others, 
  • Noticed she had improved posture and sitting balance, plus
  • Has a happy and surprised hospital consultant.

Mollii achieved the goals L had set and look forward to more.