Multiple Sclerosis

Improving Mobility and Function in Multiple Sclerosis with Mollii

Case Study Summary – Hobbs Rehabilitation by Joe Green, Specialist Physiotherapist

Liz’s case study and video of her experience with Mollii.

Mollii was tested with Liz in 2016 who had had MS for over 15 years.  She used a powered wheelchair most of the time and also had progressively reduced upper limb function.  

The Test: The Suit was worn for 1 hour on 2 separate occasions over a week to assess the effects on her mobility, upper limb function and effort, using standard outcome measurements of Timed Up and Go, 10 Metre Walk, Modified Box and Blocks and NRC Effort Score for walking.   

Results:  All outcome measures improved on the first occasion and further on the second, see details in the full case study.

Soon afterwards she purchased a Suit and still wears it every other day 3 years later.   6 months after buying the Suit she gave us a video testimonial of what Mollii has done for her.