Spasticity is a condition characterised by increased muscular tension and amplified or pathogenic reflexes.

Spasticity is a common symptom in connection with neurological injuries and diseases such as CP, stroke, acquired brain damage and spinal injury. Spasticity is generally the result of brain or spinal cord injury, damage which can be congenital, as is the case with cerebral palsy, or acquired later in life, for example after suffering a stroke.

Spasticity is disabling in itself, and can also lead to pain, muscle contraction and tiredness. Spasticity often leads to a deterioration in quality of life as it restricts movement and reduces activity and the chance to participate in various contexts.

Besides physiotherapy, the traditional methods of treating spasticity primarily comprise drugs to suppress spasms, injections with botulinum toxin and operations. These methods of treatment do alleviate the effects of spasticity for a certain period, but the treatments have to be repeated to ensure that the effects do not diminish, they are relatively expensive and furthermore often involve side effects.



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